Texture Tools

I've embarked on my next little scripting adventure, and that is creating a unified toolset that combines all the Photoshop scripts I've written in python into a single handy tool.

From left to right, Setup new document, Update Alpha, ExportTGA

To facilitate this I have been using wxPython, and it's amazing how quickly you can get a working GUI up and running with it. I have already got the essential scripts integrated (NewDoc, UpdateAlpha, ExportTGA) and when I have time I will integrate the Alienbrain asset control scripts (CheckOut, CheckIn).

Overall, planned features are:
  • One click document setup, including groups and base layers
  • One click alpha updating from a source group
  • One click asset exporting to defined project directories
  • One click asset check out and check in using alienbrain. 
  • User customizable project setup, including:
    • Export locations
    • Export formats
    • Export file names
  •  User customizable groups to include when setting up a new document.
Most of these are already written and working as individual scripts. The work is now in the integration and designing cute little icons to go with them! Fun!