Texture tools status(bar!)

After a weekend of poking and prodding at my python scripts my pet project has made a decent amount of progress. Although I will admit, when looking at the screenshot it might not be readily apparent...

What?! Two more buttons? Well done Pete!
The two additional buttons are Alienbrain integration scripts to check out and check in the active PSD, as well as all it's exported TGA files.

I also added a wx status bar so that the end user can get hints at how they may have broken the tool.

Most of my time was spent working out a whole heap of things under the hood, like feeding back appropriate and consistent error/success messages, making sure that each of the scripts was well road tested and trying it out on a couple of different machines to make sure its portable.

I've made sure that everything in the tool is referencing files and directories relative to it's own location. So far this has made installation on other machines quick and painless, so far anyway.

Next up is the configuration options to make it flexible across multiple project setups.


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