Adobe Photoshop CC- Not exactly an early adopter...

Its a words post! Where is the code? That comes later... for now, words. I'm now an official owner (or at least subscriber) of/to Adobe CC... yeah, I got through my whining stage and now I'm learning to love the cloud, or, at least learning how to accept the inevitable.
Long live the cloud! I guess.

But from the Photoshop tool development perspective I think I actually find it a little more exciting than I am letting on. You mean *everyone* will be on a standard version? No kidding! What an awesome development! No more hacking in (sometimes) seeming random version numbers! The ability to assume everything you want to support is supported. Great! Don't have the right version? Update your Photoshop buddy!

When taken from that perspective I really think that Adobe's decision (aside from the whole aspect of never actually 'owning' the software) is a pretty great one. Maintaining pipelines for multiple versions of Photoshop ceases to be a major problem*, and tool development and distribution becomes, if not simpler, at least a little more direct in execution. 

I'm also taking my first steps into the Photoshop SDK, which is an incredibly powerful and daunting piece of architecture. Not only does it require C++ for creating plug-ins, but it also seems to be half way between a development framework and a history lesson on ye early days of Photoshop. And the documentation? Reading through it, there seems to be a big Photoshop SDK tutorial shaped hole where the SDK tutorials ought to be. 

But, if it were easy, it wouldn't be as fun! Now to work through that hello world tutorial...

* Currently supporting four different versions at work and trying very hard not to.  

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