Maya Exporter: Tabs and Tools!

I've been chipping away at my Maya Exporter and have a few Photoshop functions tied into it now, along side the original exporter functionality.

Behind the scenes the Photoshop commands are built on Standard modules, using Subprocess and some string manipulation in order to get JavaScript commands to the Photoshop application. As the tool has expanded beyond it's initial export-only functionality, there has been a decent amount of clean up and re-factoring behind the scenes to make sure that it doesn't just turn into a mega-script.

Maya-side functions and Photoshop functions have been split into separate classes and files from the GUI, which has made keeping track of the code a lot easier.

The GUI is built using the Pyside QT Libraries, which comes standard with Maya 2014.

Next on the list, adding the option to load different project environments.

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