3d Print- Wagon

Another 3d Print! This time the results not *exactly* what I was hoping for. 

This model is created using polished fine Fine Polyamide (Nylon), the same as my other prints but with an extra step- mechanical polishing. 

It was this extra step where things went wrong- the model is put into a little container with a large quantity of smaller stones, and vibrated to smooth the surface using mechanical abrasion. Unfortunately this process also takes a significant amount of surface material away, resulting in the thinner parts of the model either snapping or disintegrating all together. 

Although the quality on the majority of the model was pretty good some of the details on the front of the model were destroyed. The spokes on the wheels were also completely compromised. Apart from that, Its still an awesome looking model... might try fixing it with some putty!

Note the wearing down of the thinner elements of the model. Without the polish, these would have been pretty sturdy.