Tooling around- Maya Photoshop Bridge

My current little pet project to bridge Photoshop and Maya, from within the Maya environment.

The tool is in very early development stage, but currently supports project configuration and opening a selected model's source PSD from within the Maya environment.

Other neat time savers:

  • Exporting a selected model's UV map and using it to create a new PSD.
  • Calling Photoshop to export all of a model's maps from their source PSD. 
  • Renaming shaders based on their diffuse texture name.
  • linking associated known map types (eg- specular, gloss and normal) 
The tool is written entirely in Python/Pymel and uses the win32com module as a bridge. 

Various options to clean up scenes. 

The current texture tools. More to come!

Project options.

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