Rise of the Guardians- The Video Game

So... this is what I have been working on since leaving Bluetongue Entertainment in 2011:

KitchenSinkCube SKU coming soon...

Rise of the Guardians is finally out in North America on pretty much any platform you want. Almost any platform anyway. I was one of two level artists for the duration of the project, and I've updated my portfolio website with screenshots of some of my work. 

The game is based closely on the environs of the Dreamworks movie of the same name. In all there were roughly 35 levels that had to be created for the final game which meant that the turn around for each of them was pretty rapid. My favorite level to work on was the snowy Yeti Village. There is something really fun about making ramshackle bridges across deadly, deadly ravines:

The Yeti Village level from Rise Of the Guardians The Video Game.
The game was developed by Torus Games and published by D3Publisher

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