Challenger II 3d WIP - High Poly

I'm grabbing scraps of time here and there to try and finish this one... here is another update to the high poly model...

Smoke candles, updates to periscopes, headlights and hooks.
Lights, tow equipment, first aid box etc etc...

Random non-python update! This is something I have been tinkering with out of hours. Eventually it will be a low poly tank.

The high poly version is based off of a mix of photographic reference and a model kit I have had sitting in the cupboard for too long.

Still a couple of hours worth of work required on the machine gun (which is like a mini project itself!) rear of tank and various greebleish additions...

Challenger II WIP-

Challenger II

Challenger II

Challenger II


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    1. Thanks Chris! Should be starting the low poly version soon. Looking forward to texturing this beast! :D