Python, windows and easy install...

Hey peeps, been pretty busy through project crunch but thought I'd post something I found useful.

If you are scripting with python on a regular basis and want to take advantage of additional modules you are eventually going to come up against the ironically named easy_install.

I script in Python, why should I care about easy install? That's an excellent question, me. Easy install, once set up, can automatically download and install modules on request from the command prompt. Just type in the name of the module you want and easy install will download and set it up for you.

The only caveat is installing the installer, which presents all sorts of hiccups if you have never poked around at your system's environment variables before.

If you are having any issues with getting it running on windows, this blog was of immense help to me. I gotta say, even with the pain of getting it set-up (wasn't so bad when explained well) its well worth it!


I noticed that the easy install link was linking to a page that, while helpful, wasn't actually the page about easy install. Fixed!

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