Moving house is a pain, but its almost over, and I now have Internet. My ping might be 1576ms and the speed at something like 0.05Mbps but it's Internet 'damnnit!

I've decided to go low(high?)tech and rather than setting up my usual cable broadband I've invested in a 3G mobile-broadband USB stick. So far I'm not totally impressed, but being able to browse the internet on the train is kinda cool. Even if it is at speeds approaching ye-olde dial-up from the wrong side.

The sales team promised me "Something kinda around ADSL1 speeds" with emphasis on the something and the kinda. Those awkward pauses during the sales pitch are starting to make sense now...

Anyway, talking of the internet, if anyone is interested in making their Python scripts talk to the web (or at least read the web) I totally recommend checking out the built in urllib2 and the beautifulsoup modules. I've started poking around with them and writing some screen-scraping scripts and so far it is a lot of fun.



  1. At the risk of saying "I told you so..." ;-p

    1. You were so right Chris! To help cope with it I've decided to think of it as a slow, painful learning experience :P