TextureMonkey- next steps

So I have got the script into a working form. It's still got some ugly bits, but it does the job its intended to do well enough to be popular with the other artists and is already showing a lot of promise.

So what next? 
  • Currently the script has no idea how to handle exceptions properly, so that's totally on the todo list.
  • The script doesn't like it when the files are not writable, and isn't smart enough at the moment to know what to do about it. 
  • I'm still convinced that I can copy the output TGA's to at least one of the output directories. Although I'm not sure how much time this will save, I'd still like to give it a try. The script execution is pretty rapid, so the savings would only really become apparent on Photoshop files that are spitting out a lot of different maps.
So my goals over the next couple of weeks are:
  • Implement effective exception handling
  • Somehow integrate the script with Alienbrain asset management to at least check-out the files if they are not writable. I don't intend to do anything about the check-in process, as its totally out of the scope of the script, but I may do it with a different one in the future. 
  • Investigate the copy TGA option and see if it actually saves time.
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